The Centro Immobiliare

The Centro Immobiliare real estate agency in the center of Catania, since 1975 operates in the real estate market in Catania, distinguished by accuracy, reliability, competence and professionalism, this "modus operandi".

It is reflected in the estimate of customers and especially the professionals (Notaries, engineers, lawyers, doctors etc ...)
who see the Real Estate Center of valid and precious professionals and not mere middlemen ..

The Real Estate "Centro Immobiliare" offers the following services:


  • Research and evaluation of real estate investment opportunities
  • market analysis with respect to the territory
  • Consultancy for the purchase.
  • Righteous estate assessments.
  • Check the documentation.
  • Mediation and conducting the negotiations.
  • Assistance in the preparation of contracts.
  • Renovation and designs of interior
  • Mortgages up to 100%


  • market analysis with respect to the territory, with its definition of price of the sales opportunity evaluation.
  • Verification of documentation.
  • Determination of commercial strategies
  • Research and identification of potential buyers
  • Mediating and conducting negotiations
  • Assistance in the preparation of contracts.

Catering to the needs of the parties treat each type of property: apartments, cottages, villas, garages, offices, shops, warehouses, hangars and land.